Technology to Achieve 'Net Zero'

COP26 carbon capture and storage

Global leaders gathered at COP26 to agree the critical actions that are needed to save our planet.

Scaling carbon capture is key to mitigating climate change. It is a proven and affordable solution. Delivering rapid, cost-effective decarbonisation of key global industries.

Getting to net zero

CCUS is 'vital to meeting the UK’s and the world’s climate change commitments,' according to the UK Climate Change Committee. But to meet net zero ambitions by 2050, there needs to be a 500-fold increase in global CCUS equipment capacity.

We urgently need more projects like the Acorn Project in Scotland - which is set to remove at least half the CO2 emissions set out in the UK government’s Ten Point Plan. COP26 can help achieve this.  


Benefits of carbon capture

How COP26 can support carbon capture

We need policymakers and industry leaders to pick up the pace of decarbonisation by supporting carbon capture.

We want to encourage:

The carbon capture conversation

"Decarbonising heavy industry is crucial to reaching net zero. Carbon capture is achieving this; it’s an ‘off the shelf’ solution that cuts over 90% of emissions. We need to prevent continued global warming – stopping CO2 from entering our atmosphere is a vital part of this."

Aniruddha Sharma
CEO of Carbon Clean

"We need to take urgent steps to ensure CCUS is available to contribute to net-zero goals. A major ramp-up of CCUS deployment is required in the next decade to put the global energy system on track for net-zero emissions."

International Energy Agency (IEA)

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