Technology to Achieve 'Net Zero'

Channel Partners and Agents

Bringing Carbon Clean Technology to Industries Through Strategic Relationships

With global support and incentives to decarbonise, CCUS is positioned as a high-growth industry, and first movers in the space have the most to gain. Our partners and agents play a key role in industry adoption of our carbon capture technology and help to set the course for sustained business success in a changing world. Is our partner program right for you?

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Our Channel Partners and Agents brochure provides more information to companies interested in partnering with Carbon Clean:

  • Achieving Net Zero Together

    When you partner with Carbon Clean, you're taking part in our ambition to decarbonise a billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Government Incentives

    The time for action is now! Government and municipality support of CCUS is on the rise with new regulations for CO2 capture across industries.
  • Carbon Clean's Solutions

    Play a key role in enabling facilities all around the world to join the circular carbon economy and take advantage of the rising value of captured carbon through Carbon Clean's solutions.
  • Benefits for a Partner

    Take a strategic and leading role in long-term projects in partnership with Carbon Clean and join a network of leading companies across the CCUS industry.

Find out how you can join Carbon Clean's partner program.