Post combustion CO2 capture from power plants


Climate change is now acknowledged as a real threat and power companies across the world have already started to position themselves to tackle the issue. We at Carbon Clean have positioned ourselves at the head of the pack and on the cutting edge. Ours is one of the most promising technologies that will enable use of coal for coming decades by extending its viability and reducing the harmful byproducts its mining produces.


Carbon Clean provides proprietary technology to power plants and industrial utilities for removing up to 90% carbon dioxide from the flue gases. Patented carbon capture technology developed by Carbon Clean, involves capturing carbon dioxide using proprietary regenerable advanced solvent combined with improved energy integration CO2 capture process. Patented solvent and process configuration increases the efficiency of carbon capture and reduces the amount of energy required, making CCS technology cost effective.


Features That Set Our Technology Apart:


90% CO2 capture

Retrofit ready for virtually any flue gas

Least solvent loss technology

Heat integration

Optimized design and energy efficiency

Produces 99.99% pure CO2


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CO2 capture from chemical/petro chemicals plants


Carbon Clean is an innovation leader in carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery technology for industrial purposes. Our breakthrough technology could significantly reduce the operating costs and environmental impacts normally associated with carbon recovery and reuse.


The driving force behind our technology is a new class of solvents APBS we've developed. We expect individual savings on capital and operational expenditure to be of the order of 20% and 30%, resulting from lower heats of dissociation, lower solvent degradation (therefore longer effective lifetime) and a lower corrosive effect on plant materials.


Research teams across the globe have performed extensive testing on the APBS solvent class. The data used in our predictions was based on the following types of experiments: extensive simulations & modeling, rate kinetics, VLE (vapor liquid equilibrium) data, solvent stability & strength, degradation & corrosion studies, toxicity studies, bench scale demonstration.


One of the biggest benefits of our APBS solvents is that they can be swapped with existing amine-based solvents without changing any process parameter, making integration of our technology extremely simple and practical for various plants and industries. Already, the technology swap from MEA to APBS solvent has shown considerable cost savings to the customer in terms of steam, solvent and electricity, as displayed by the below case study.


Case Study Customer: SVBPL India

Location: Tirupati, India

Process: Post-combustions CO2 capture Capacity: 7000 tons per annum

When Commissioned: 2012


Upon switching to APBS CO2 capture solvent the pilot is operating with over 90% efficiency constantly and the overall energy demand has gone down significantly. CO2 is recovered from the rotary kiln flue gas and is used for the production of specialty chemical.


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CO2 capture technology and products


The unique design of our proprietary technology enables it to capture over 90% of CO2 emissions from power plants and industries. Our APBS technology makes it practically possible to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue gases of power plants and industrial utilities in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. The flue gas discharged from the chimney is extracted from the existing stack and fed to the CCS unit through a flue gas duct. After cleaning the gas, it is passed through an absorber for capturing CO2. The CO2 thus recovered can be used as a raw material for downstream industries.


Why switch over to CCS' breakthrough technology?

  • Standard state of art CO2 capture process with low investment cost
  • An improved energy optimized CO2 capture process 


More about our APBS agent: As mentioned above, our APBS solvent can be swapped directly with amine based solvent used today in existing CO2 capture & recovery plants. No process modification or new equipment change is required for using APBS in existing CO2 recovery units.


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APBS solvent surpasses the conventional industry benchmark MEA solvent in the following ways: a) Energy demand: up to 35% greater energy savings b) Reduced reclaiming cycles: 5-10 times less degradation c) Least corrosive: no corrosion inhibitor used with our APBS solvent. Lastly, the cost-effective process of post combustion CO2 capture comes with many long-term technical benefits for customers.


There is a proven 90% carbon dioxide capture in steady state. Significantly less energy penalty, solvent loss and degradation has been achieved during multiple runs, minimizing the overall operating costs.


Due to the non-corrosive nature of the solvents, the capital expenditure can be brought down significantly by changing the material of construction, leading to huge cost saving on equipment. CO2 captured using APBS technology is ready for sequestration & reuse and can be transported to suitable storage locations using pipelines.


Planting seeds of change: CO2 recovery and reuse in fertilizer


Fertilizer plants across the world are looking to improve energy efficiecy and reduce emissions. The fertilizer production process produces high amounts of CO2 flue gas that, until now, went to waste or, at best, was minimally recovered. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, fertilizer plants across the world can now recover emitted CO2 gas and utilize it to increase urea production.


Our technology enables fertilizer plants to recover flue gas emitted during the Ammonia production process, which uses natural gas as fuel, and provides the captured CO2 as feedstock for urea synthesis.


The process is as follows: CO2 contained in the flue gas emitted during the ammonia production process will be absorbed into our APBS solvent. Our technology can recover over 90% of the CO2 in flue gas. Better solvent and improved process configuration reduces the average energy consumption. Carbon Clean offers low cost energy efficient carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology to fertilizer plants.


With our technology, between 99% and 100% of CO2 with a purity of >99% can be captured from reformer flue gas. Our patented APBS technology and proprietary solvent offers superior CO2 absorption, lower degradation, lower circulation rate and is proved to reduce capital costs at commercial scale.


What Our Technology Does Better Than Competitors ... 


Less energy needed

High CO2 removal (99-100%)

Lower solvent recirculation

Low CO2 slip into product gas

High purity of recovered CO2 (>99%, dry basis)

Low slip of H2 into recovered stream

Low solvent loss


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