CycloneCC™: The future of carbon capture

2 May 2022

Carbon Clean is disrupting the future of carbon capture with our breakthrough CycloneCC technology. CycloneCC™ is making it easier than ever for heavy industry to capture carbon quickly and safely — at a cost of $30/tonne on average.

Watch our latest video to see Jannicke Jebsen, Marketing Insights Manager at Carbon Clean, explain how the technology is facilitating emissions reductions for hard-to-abate industries, and learn more about the future of carbon capture.

How is CycloneCC™ disrupting the carbon capture landscape?

CycloneCC™ is a compact and fully modular solution with a footprint that will be ten times smaller than conventional carbon capture. The technology will also reduce CapEx and OpEx by up to 50% making the economic case for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) undeniable.

For many industrial companies, carbon capture will no longer require a massive infrastructure project – instead your carbon capture unit will arrive and be up and running in a matter of weeks. CycloneCC™ is a ground-breaking solution that makes carbon capture simple, accessible, and affordable. 

What is the next challenge facing CycloneCC

Scale is the next biggest challenge facing any emerging clean technology business. Current IEA projections highlight that CCUS capacity deployment must be 50% higher than currently predicted trajectories if the world is to reach net zero by 2050.

To address this, we are investing in scaling CycloneCC™ technology and rapidly building capacity to deliver for potential customers. We have successfully pilot tested rotating packed beds at 1 TPD in the UK and North America and currently commercialising at 10 TPD and 100 TPD with select technology deployment partners, including Chevron, CEMEX and Veolia.

Where are you working on implementing CycloneCC™ to scale?

We are working with CEMEX at their cement plant in Rüdersdorf, Germany to capture 100 TPD of CO2 using CycloneCC™. The aim will be to increase the CO2 capture by an additional 300 TPD. We will also be completing a study to investigate how to scale up to 2,000 TPD. In addition, as part of Chevron’s new investment, we’re seeking to develop a carbon capture pilot for Carbon Clean’s CycloneCC technology on a gas turbine in San Joaquin Valley, California. 

When and how can a heavy industry facility implement CycloneCC

CycloneCC™ will be available for full market deployment from 2023 and Carbon Clean anticipates scaling production of these modular units exponentially to meet demand.

Plans for gigafactory-scale production and a Centre of Excellence to develop the necessary skills to service this buoyant market are also underway.

How can my company gain access to CycloneCC

Get in touch with a specialist today to discuss our CycloneCC™ Early Access Programme, which can give you insight into CycloneCC’s™ technical performance and early access to commercial planning.

Looking to learn more? Download our eBook, CycloneCC: Introducing the world's smallest industrial carbon capture technology and join us in carving the future of carbon capture.

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