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With the increasing levels of greenhouse gases, reducing carbon emissions has become a much-discussed topic. There are numerous methods to do so, most notably carbon capture. However, questions remain about the benefits of reducing carbon emissions, especially considering its high cost. Carbon Clean is changing the way people think about CO2 emission reductions by providing those benefits at a lower cost than others in the market.


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Why reduce CO2 emissions?

On its own, carbon dioxide is not dangerous for the planet. As many of us know, the planet has a sort of natural regulatory system built in, as plants process the CO2 emitted by animals and other sources and turn it into oxygen. 


As humankind has progressed, however, we've altered the natural balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Historically, the planet's natural regulatory systems kept the production of greenhouse gases in check. Our emissions now are higher than in years past, which means there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trapping more of the sun's heat.


Carbon capture arose as a solution to this problem, but its high cost has prevented many businesses from adopting it. That's where we come in. Our innovative technology drastically reduces the cost of carbon capture and hydrocarbon recovery, thus making it possible for more businesses to reap the benefits of reducing carbon emissions.


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Benefits of reducing carbon emissions

First and foremost, reducing carbon emissions is good for the planet. However, we understand that historically it has not been a feasible or economical undertaking for many businesses. Carbon capture and storage is an expensive process when not used with our proprietary technology, which is what inspired us to create a chemical that makes carbon capture affordable and immensely beneficial for your company. 


Our technology allows you to reuse or sell captured carbon emissions. It's not hypothetical - it's already at work in different parts of the globe. In partnership with Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers, we built a plant in Tuticorin in southern India that captures carbon dioxide from its coal-fired boiler, uses it as feedstock (raw material), and converts it into soda ash.


That plant is set to capture 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually, and it will do so without any government subsidies. Thanks to our technology, the plant is now able to recover its expelled CO2, saving them money and providing a more reliable CO2 supply than they previously had. The plant is now producing CO2 feedstock, enabling them to operate more efficiently and in a manner that benefits the environment.


There are lots of ongoing efforts to benefit the environment, including clean coal and acid gas removal, in addition to geoengineering and hydrocarbon recovery. However, none of the existing methods can offer the benefits of Carbon Clean's proprietary carbon-stripping chemical, which makes carbon capture cheaper, more effective, and more beneficial for your business.


Simply put, reducing your carbon emissions has the potential to increase the value of your business. According to KPMG's carbon footprint study, a company’s value decreases, on average, by $212,000 for every additional thousand metric tons of carbon emissions.

Reduce Carbon Emissions: Smart Business Sense

The benefits to reducing carbon emissions are immense. It's no longer a difficult, costly process. With Carbon Clean, your business can save money and help the environment. Sounds like a win-win to us. 


Reduce your carbon emissions and monetize carbon dioxide that would otherwise go to waste. What's there to think about? Contact Carbon Clean today.


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