CO2 Capture/Recovery

APBS-CDRMax® is a commercially available CO2 capture solvent used for industrial flue gases or off-gases with CO2 concentrations ranging from 3 vol.% to 25 vol.%. The solvent can be paired with the CDRMax™ process or used as a drop-replacement for alternative solvents, like DGA and MEA, for low pressure gas separations. APBS-CDRMax® has high solvent stability, low corrosivity, low regeneration energy requirements, and holds-up well in oxygen environments.

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Biogas/Landfill Gas Upgrading

APBS-CARBex® is a commercially available methane gas upgrading solvent used for biomethane and landfill gas upgrading applications. The solvent can remove CO2 concentrations of up to 50 vol% in the feed gas to provide a pipeline or transportation quality methane. Additionally, APBS-CARBex® can offer improved operating performance than alternative solvents like aMDEA, MEA, and DGA for CO2 removal systems operating at low pressures.

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