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Carbon Clean Solutions is granted its patent in South Africa

17 May 2018

Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL), a global leader in low cost carbon dioxide (CO2) separation technology, is pleased to announce that it has been granted its first technology patent in South Africa.

This is a huge milestone for the company. Given the success the company has achieved in Europe – particularly in Germany where it is the biggest provider of technology for CO2 separation from biogas – CCSL hopes that it can continue to build on this success by expansion into new markets. This new patent will cover the unique CCSL solvent chemistry for CO2 capture and will cover various products for CO2 removal ranging from biogas to flue gas CO2 capture.

Prateek Bumb, Chief Technology Officer said: “We are very happy that our proven technology, which is recognised across Europe, can now be successfully applied in South Africa. We will continue to offer clients transformative and cost effective solutions to capture carbon dioxide”.

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