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Our global company is led by industry experts with over a decade of experience designing, building, financing and operating industrial carbon capture systems.
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Decarbonising heavy industry is a complex challenge. What will work on your site? Will it reduce emissions on the scale you need and be cost-effective? Can it be done in time to meet your targets?

The answer is simple.

With years of experience working with leading industrial companies, we know exactly what you need - and we have the space-saving modular solutions to make it happen.

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We have the answers

Our technology is optimised for industrial environments where space is tight and efficiency is a priority. Need a solution that slots into the smallest of on-site spaces? You’ve got it. Keen to save on plant downtime?

No problem.

Looking to avoid a lengthy permitting process? So are we. Want advanced heat integration? We do that too. Our technology is the answer.



From key customers to investors, we partner with leading global companies.
Our reputation as a leading pioneer is built on 15 years of proven innovation in designing, building and operating industrial carbon capture systems.


We are revolutionising the carbon capture sector with one of the strongest patent portfolios.
Innovation is in our DNA, with over 100 active patent assets across 18 patent families, covering over 30 countries. Our journey started with innovative solvents; we are now at the forefront of next generation modular, carbon capture technology.


Accelerating the deployment of CCUS is vital to reach net zero by 2050.
That’s why our focus is on driving down the cost of carbon capture with technologies that deliver substantial savings and efficiencies - enabling you to achieve your carbon reduction goals, without compromising your bottom line.


Our technology is already making a difference in 49 sites across the world.
Our vision is to deliver industrial decarbonisation on a gigatonne scale through innovative technology that mitigates the impact of climate change. We’ve cumulatively captured more than 2.2m tonnes of CO2

Partner stories


"We have a long history of supporting the development and commercialisation of breakthrough technologies, and we're especially excited about the potential for CycloneCC to revolutionise the industrial carbon capture sector."

Chris Powers
Vice President, CCUS for Chevron New Energies

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"Accomplishing CO2 capture at an industrial scale and affordable cost is one of the biggest challenges that Cemex is facing in its road to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete products globally by 2050. Partnering with Carbon Clean seemed like a perfect fit for us. We believe in their technology and know that working together, we can make possible a more cost-effective carbon capture solution."

Gonzalo Galindo 
Head of Cemex Ventures


"This strategic alliance with Carbon Clean will create viable solutions for major global clients by combining the excellence of both companies and create a sustainable path for the future in this era of energy transition."

Hong Namkoong
President and CEO of Samsung E&A


"In alignment with the Tata group’s pioneering values, we have taken this strategic step in our journey towards decarbonisation. We will continue our quest to remain an industry leader in sustainability by setting new benchmarks for a better tomorrow. For the sustainability of the steel industry globally and particularly in a growing country like India, it is essential that we find economical solutions for capturing and use of CO2 at scale. Leadership in mitigating emissions, accessing low-cost clean energy, and providing circular economy solutions will define our sector’s journey going forward.

The operations experience gathered from this 5 tonnes per day CO2 capture plant will give us the required data and confidence to establish larger carbon capture plants in future. As the next step, we aim to establish scaled up facilities of CO2 capture integrated with utilisation avenues."

T. V. Narendran
CEO & Managing Director. Tata Steel 

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