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Below, you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most about carbon capture and our solutions. If you still have not found what you are looking for you can send us an email at to get help from an expert.
Why is carbon capture essential?

There is no net zero without carbon capture. It is a necessity for industrial decarbonisation – especially for heavy industry – which accounts for around 30 percent of global emissions. There is no silver bullet to reducing emissions. Carbon capture is one of the solutions needed to achieve net zero, in addition to other clean technologies such as green hydrogen, electrification, biomass and renewables.

What does Carbon Clean do and what industries do you help?

Carbon Clean is a leader in revolutionising carbon capture solutions for hard-to-abate industries including cement, steel, refineries, and energy from waste. The company’s patented technology significantly reduces the costs of carbon capture when compared to conventional solutions.

Our reputation as a leading pioneer is built on over a decade of proven experience in designing, building, and operating industrial carbon capture systems. Carbon Clean has one of the largest project portfolios of any independent carbon capture business, with our solutions operational in 49 sites around the world. The company is an innovation leader in the CCUS market, with over 100 active patent assets across 18 patent families covering 30 countries, and has developed a modular technology, CycloneCC, that is vital for scaling industrial carbon capture deployment to achieve global net zero targets.

Headquartered in the UK and with offices in the US, Canada and India we are always close by.

What are the solutions offered by Carbon Clean and how do you differ?
CycloneCC is our next generation modular innovation, with the first deployment of a CycloneCC industrial unit anywhere in the world currently operational in the Middle East. Our ambition is to scale this globally to full commercialisation.  

The majority of our 49 global reference sites use Carbon Clean’s semi-modular CaptureX technology and proprietary APBS-CDRMax and APBS-CARBex solvents. 
How do you differ from established carbon capture technology suppliers?
Carbon Clean is a specialist in carbon capture but with the capacity to support across the full CCUS value chain. Using our invaluable experience, we can advise on the feasibility of an overall project, including process integration, downstream applications, and partnerships for CCU and CCS commercialisation. We’re focused on achieving the lowest physical footprint and cost per tonne of carbon capture, with the flexibility to engage on and are able to adapt to a wide range of customer requirements.
What is CycloneCC?
CycloneCC is unlike any other carbon capture technology on the market and is the product of 15 years’ R&D and innovation. CycloneCC is a modular, pre-fabricated, and skid-mounted making it particularly suited for use by small-to-mid-size emitters. 

Benefits include:
  • Compact and cost-effective: Thanks to process intensification, the mass transfer equipment is ten times with a reduction in the overall unit footprint of up to 50%, compared to conventional carbon capture units. You save up to 50% on the overall cost of carbon capture with no loss in performance.
  • Minimal disruption: Using modular designs and prefabricated skids reduces your site infrastructure requirements. This makes it easier to integrate our solutions with your existing industrial operations to minimise disruption, maximise cost effectiveness, and simplify plant maintenance.
  • Easily scaled: CycloneCC is delivered in modular units that can be added over time to scale in line with your decarbonisation strategy. Units are optimised for industrial emissions and can capture between 75 - 855 TPD of CO2.
  • Standardised designs: With off-the-shelf, customisable, ready-made engineering designs for standard capacities and specifications, we offer replicable cost and delivery efficiencies.
What does ‘modular solution’ mean?
Our modular technology is fully manufactured, pre-assembled in skid-mounted packages, and tested at the factory for delivery to your site by road, sea or rail. Each carbon capture unit consists of skid-mounted packages (modules) which can be re-assembled, connected, and commissioned on-site quickly, so you can start capturing your carbon emissions with minimal downtime. Standardised modular systems allow you to scale the on-site installation sequentially to support your decarbonisation roadmap as you grow, with the added benefit of reducing capital expenditure by significantly reducing site work. 

Modularisation is a tried and tested strategy to improve quality and safety of engineering construction projects in the oil and gas industry by conducting fabrication and assembly in a controlled environment. CycloneCC technology facilitates full modularisation by replacing large, field-constructed, columns with rotating packed beds (RPBs), which use a centrifugal force to increase the efficiency of the carbon capture process. 
Will your carbon capture technology work with my flue gas?
Carbon Clean’s technology works most effectively with CO2 concentration of 2.5 - 25% and low pressure in the feed gas. The system will require removal of sulphur, particulate, and other trace impurities before capturing the CO2. The system will also require a source of heat, cooling, electricity, and water as utilities.

The technology is particularly suited for use with small-to-mid-size emission point sources across industries including oil and gas, cement, steel, and power generation. It can also be used to capture carbon dioxide from several point sources – as a compact and modular solution it can be installed at multiple locations across a site.
What is Carbon Clean’s proprietary solvent?
Our patented formulation of Amine-Promoted Buffer Salts offers significant improvements on conventional solvents for fast-acting carbon capture in any solvent-based system.

Carbon Clean solvents offer immediate cost savings and lower by-product emissions. They can also be kept in production for as much as five times longer.

APBS-CDRMax is formulated for industrial flue gases or off-gases and APBS-CARBex removes CO2 concentrations from biogas.

The benefits are even greater when these solvents are used with our modular and semi-modular carbon capture technologies.
What is CaptureX?

CaptureX is our semi-modular solution, capturing carbon dioxide from multiple industrial plants around the world. About 80% of the carbon capture system is modularised, prefabricated and containerised in this solution, providing benefits including drastically reduced on-site activity and installation time compared to an open-plant construction.

Benefits include: 

  • Standardised designs: With prefabricated and standardised systems, combined with more bespoke components, we can promise you shorter project timelines, faster installation, and less onsite activity.
  • Optimised: Units are optimised for industrial emissions and can capture between 300 – 500 TPD of CO2 across low, medium and high concentrations producing CO2 at 95 – 99% purity.
  • Minimal disruption: Using modular designs reduces your site infrastructure requirements. This makes it easier to integrate our solutions with your existing industrial operations to minimise disruption.
  • Cost-effective: Using Carbon Clean’s proprietary solvent, process equipment and advanced heat integration systems can be delivered at significantly lower costs.

I would like to discuss CaptureX technology licensing with you, what is the process?
For more specific information, reach out to our experts here: and we'd be happy to help!
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