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Modular Technology

Meet the next generation of carbon capture

CycloneCC is a breakthrough cost-effective, space-saving solution. Our ‘Lego-block’, ‘plug and play’ modular design enables small-to-midsize industrial emitters to stagger their carbon capture investment.

The technology to catalyse the deployment at these sites is now ready and process intensification and standardisation are key.
At the heart of this innovative technology are rotating packed beds, which use centrifugal force to increase the efficiency of the carbon capture process.

A pioneering solution that puts us at the leading edge of innovation in carbon capture and builds on 15 years of engineering excellence in the sector.

Compact and

Thanks to process intensification, the mass transfer equipment is ten times smaller with a reduction in the overall unit footprint of up to 50%, compared to conventional carbon capture units. The result? You save up to 50% on the total installed cost, with no loss in performance.

Minimal disruption

Using modular designs and prefabricated skids reduces your site infrastructure requirements. This makes it easier to integrate our solutions with your existing industrial operations to minimise disruption, maximise cost effectiveness, and simplify plant maintenance.

Easy to scale

CycloneCC is 100% pre-fabricated and delivered in modular units that can be added over time to scale in line with your decarbonisation strategy. Units are optimised for industrial emissions and can capture between 75 – 855 TPD of CO2 per train.

Standardised designs

With off-the-shelf base designs and ready-made engineering that is customisable for site conditions, we can offer you replicable cost and delivery efficiencies.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Standardised and scalable designs


Up to 50% smaller unit footprint

Group 1346@2x

10x equipment size reduction

A rotating revolution

CycloneCC intensifies the traditional solvent capture process by combining two proven process intensification technologies.

Each RPB contains a disk of packing material which rotates around its axis. The centrifugal force generated through this rotational motion is significantly greater than the gravitational force seen in conventional packed columns, making RPBs far more effective in mass transfer operations.

Rotating packed beds (RPBs) process equipment technology
Proprietary amine-promoted buffer salt solvent technology

The process

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