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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most about carbon capture and our solutions.

Common customer questions

Will your carbon capture technology work with my flue gas?

What is the total cost of carbon capture?

What scope can your company take on?

What is your company’s operating experience?

How do you differ from established carbon capture technology suppliers?

CycloneCC™ modular solution

What is CycloneCC™?

What do you mean by 'modular solution'?

In which industries can CycloneCC™ be used?

Can CycloneCC™ be used to capture CO2 on merchant vessels and offshore platforms?

When will CycloneCC™ be available?

What space savings does CycloneCC™ deliver?

What capacity will CycloneCC™ be able to deliver in terms of TPD?

Does CycloneCC™ use the same solvent as your conventional solutions?

What are the performance characteristics of CycloneCC™?

Is there an additional electrical duty for CycloneCC™ given the need for RPB motors?

Carbon capture business models

What are the business models that will make carbon capture more accessible?

Does Carbon Clean provide a full chain carbon capture service?

Utilisation and storage of captured CO2

What are the use cases for captured carbon dioxide?

What will happen to the CO2 that is captured?

What role does carbon capture have within hydrogen?

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