The Key to Efficient
Carbon Capture

High-Performance Solvents

Amine-based solvents have been used by heavy industries for many years. Since their original implementation, they have evolved very little — can your industry afford to remain conventional?

Carbon Clean has taken a massive step forward in the effort to achieve net zero by creating a patented formulation of amines and salts known as Amine-Promoted Buffer Salts (APBS).  Our proprietary solvents offer well-proven, feasible solutions to industry that are facing stricter regulations and monetary cost from COemissions. 

Download your free resource,  'The Key to Efficient Carbon Capture: High-Performance Solvents' to learn how your facility can utilise Carbon Clean's solvents and how we can work together to achieve net zero.

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'High-Performance Solvents' explains how APBS is changing the way industry uses solvents:

  • APBS-CRDMax®

    When APBS solvent is combined with the CDRMax™ chemical absorption process, operational costs can be reduced up to 50% over conventional options. This drop-in replacement is easy to implement for long-term benefits.
  • APBS-CARBex®

    APBS-CARBex® uses thermal energy to remove CO2 concentrations of up to 50% volume from biogas and landfill gas streams at low pressure. This solvent has been widely proven for heavy industry.
  • Cost Reduction

    The average cost per metric tonne is reduced by up to 50% over the benchmark with CDRMax™ process when used alongside Carbon Clean's proprietary solvents.
  • Real-World Applications

    See how facilities around the world are using Carbon Clean's solvent technology to capture their CO2 emissions and reduce their impact on our world.

Learn how your industry can benefit from using improved solvent technology!