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Scalable CO2 Capture for Cement Production

Cement production is the largest industrial carbon emitter in the world. With Carbon Clean’s CO2 capture technology, 90%+ of these emissions can be captured, stored, and utilised.

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Cement industry challenges

Cement is the world’s leading construction material — but it’s also one of the key drivers of climate change, responsible for around 8% of global CO2 emissions. Carbon Capture and Storage is a vital technology to decarbonise cement manufacture, as up to 70% of CO2 emissions in the sector come from the chemical process of calcining calcium carbonate—which can’t be reduced with other methods.

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"Accomplishing CO2 capture at an industrial scale and affordable cost is one of the biggest challenges that CEMEX is facing in its road to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete products globally by 2050. Partnering with Carbon Clean seemed like a perfect fit for us. We believe in their technology and know that working together, we can make possible a more cost-effective carbon capture solution below the $30/tonne threshold."

Gonzalo Galindo
Head of CEMEX Ventures

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