CycloneCC™: Carbon capture technology for the cement industry

2 February 2022

Now is the time for the cement industry to take steps in the fight against climate change. With global governments implementing carbon emissions regulations and laying out net zero goals, players in the cement production industry need to invest in carbon capture technology sooner rather than later to reduce their CO2 emissions.

In our latest video, Eberhart Wusterhaus Gomez, Commercial Director for Carbon Clean, discusses how CycloneCC, our latest advancement in carbon capture technology, can make an impact on the cement industry. Watch the video to find out more about CO2 emissions in cement production.

How does CycloneCC help the cement industry meet increasingly stringent CO2 emissions regulations?

Cement is the world’s leading construction material – but also one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions. The cement industry needs to take action to reduce its carbon emissions. CycloneCC can help cement players meet government regulations by providing a scalable carbon capture solution and allowing companies to grow their decarbonisation solutions in line with their strategy, enabling the sector to participate in the global reduction of carbon emissions much sooner. 

What challenges does CycloneCC help the cement industry solve?

Historically, cost and onsite footprint requirements have been barriers to widespread adoption of CCUS.

CycloneCC solves these difficulties by being a 100% modular and scalable solution, with a 10x smaller footprint than conventional options. And by using our proven breakthrough combination of APBS solvents and RPB technology, CycloneCC provides up to 50% operational and capital expenditure reduction. 

Along with it being a pre-fabricated skid mount solution, CycloneCC improves installation time and the safety profile of carbon capture projects significantly. Companies can now progressively scale up to achieve their decarbonisation targets over time. 

What are the financial benefits a cement plant has from implementing CycloneCC and when can they start implementing it? 

The mission of CycloneCC is to get the cost of carbon capture down to $30 per tonne, making CCUS technology accessible across industries.

When commercialised, industrial users will be able to install this all in a box solution in less than 8 weeks and can successively build their decarbonisation portfolio.

CycloneCC has been successfully pilot tested and commercialised with select partners for 10 tonnes per day (TPD) CO2 capacity units, but also we are working together with 100 TPD CO2 applications to gain advanced knowledge for final product rollout by summer 2023. CEMEX is among these champion partners.

Which cement players have already partnered with Carbon Clean to implement CycloneCC technology? 

CEMEX is among our champion partners and we are working together to install, test and operate CycloneCC at its facility in Victorville, California for a 10 TPD CO2 plant. The shared goal is to achieve a cost of capture below $30 per tonne – the most competitive rate in the sector. 

Will CycloneCC unlock any additional service offers from Carbon Clean? 

Yes. Heavy industry and CCUS innovators must work together to mitigate climate change. We created a revolutionary business model with that in mind — an alignment of services, partnership, and CycloneCC.

We offer Carbon Capture as a Service (CCaaS) during the lifetime of the contract where we oversee installation, as well as all aftermarket products and services. We handle solvents and maintaining parts, but we also assist with regulations and compliance and become your strategic partner to ensure the most successful deployment of CCUS possible.

Taking the next step together

Are you ready to implement carbon capture solutions and take a step forward in the fight against climate change? Carbon Clean is ready to help. With our powerful CycloneCC technology and CCaaS model, we can help your plant reduce carbon emissions and meet regulatory targets.

To learn more about CycloneCC, download our eBook, 'CycloneCC: Introducing the world's smallest industrial carbon capture technology' and speak to one of our experts today.

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