Technology to Achieve 'Net Zero'

Technology to achieve 'net zero'

We offer cost-effective carbon capture technology to industrial emitters at gigatonne scale.

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Our global carbon capture company is led by industry experts with over a decade’s experience designing, building, financing and operating industrial carbon capture systems.

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"In alignment with the Tata group’s pioneering values, we have taken this strategic step in our journey towards decarbonisation. We will continue our quest to remain an industry leader in sustainability by setting new benchmarks for a better tomorrow. For the sustainability of the steel industry globally and particularly in a growing country like India, it is essential that we find economical solutions for capturing and use of CO2 at scale. Leadership in mitigating emissions, accessing low-cost clean energy, and providing circular economy solutions will define our sector’s journey going forward.
The operational experience gathered from this 5 tonnes per day CO2 capture plant will give us the required data and confidence to establish larger carbon capture plants in future. As the next step, we aim to establish scaled up facilities of CO2 capture integrated with utilisation avenues."

T. V. Narendran
CEO & Managing Director, Tata Steel

"Chevron is committed to producing affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy. We invest in breakthrough technologies that both lower emissions in oil and gas and are integral to low carbon value chains. Our investment in Carbon Clean aims to help commercialize and scale carbon capture utilization and storage technologies, a key part of delivering on our commitment."

Barbara Burger
President of Chevron Technology Ventures

"Since October 2016, Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, in partnership with Carbon Clean, has been operating the world’s first industrial-scale carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) plant near Chennai, India. Installed on a coal-fired boiler, the plant is designed to capture 60,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Not only does it meet cost and performance expectations, but we’re able to convert the CO2 into soda ash (an ingredient found in commercial household products)."

G. Ramachandran
Managing Director, Tuticorin Alkali Chemical and Fertilizers Ltd., Chennai, India

"Compared to the standard amine we use, Carbon Clean's technology has a lower specific heat demand and allows us to operate the plant in a much smoother way. While using APBS-CARBex our plants operate very smoothly, especially during hot summer periods we see less foaming and fluctuations in biomethane production."

Benjamin Goerges
Head of Technical Sales and Service, at Arcanum

"Accomplishing CO2 capture at an industrial scale and affordable cost is one of the biggest challenges that CEMEX is facing in its road to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete products globally by 2050. Partnering with Carbon Clean seemed like a perfect fit for us. We believe in their technology and know that working together, we can make possible a more cost-effective carbon capture solution below the $30/tonne threshold."

Gonzalo Galindo
Head of CEMEX Ventures

Proven benefits. Increased profit.

Our solutions help industry decarbonise and leverage the growing value of captured carbon. The opportunity to take part in the circular economy of capturing and selling carbon dioxide is predicted to be a key differentiator for long-term success. It’s the first movers that will stand to benefit the most.

Modular Carbon Capture

Modular Carbon Capture

Our energy-efficient CDRMax™ process can achieve 90%+ capture rates and delivers industrial quality CO2 for re-use or sequestration.

Improved Bottom Line

Improved Bottom Line

Our technology offers the lowest corrosion rates, highest HSE standards, an uptime rate of 98+%, and can operate for more than 200,000 hours on commercial plants.

Commercially Viable CCS

30% More Commercially Viable

A leader in cost-effective modular technology set to achieve $30/tonne cost of CO2 capture. Large emitters will be able to offset the cost of carbon capture with their carbon tax from as early as next year.

Recycled CO2 Market Increasing

A Multibillion-Dollar Market

Recycled CO2 products are now a multibillion-dollar growing market. Current estimates put the market opportunity for carbon capture at more than $1 trillion per annum.

Success stories

Case Study: The world's first carbon capture, storage, and utilization plant.

Purpose-Built: Technology for Industry

In 2016, Tuticorin Alkali Chemical and Fertilizers Ltd. partnered with Carbon Clean to create the world’s first fully commercial carbon capture, storage and utilisation plant. Located near Chennai, it has been achieving over 90% carbon capture rates since it began operation.


Carbon Capture Rate

Case Study: 500k m3 biogas processing plant.

Proprietary: High-Performance Solvents

Since 2018, Carbon Clean in collaboration with Arcanum Energy has surpassed 500,000 m3 of biogas processed per day with its APBS-CARBex® solvent in their biogas upgrading facilities in Germany. Compared to the standard amine, Carbon Clean’s technology provides several advantages that allows the plants to operate more efficiently. 


Less Thermal Energy

Case Study: TCM pilot plant using lower cost materials.

Breakthrough: Technology for Cost-Effective Carbon Capture

In 2017, Carbon Clean announced breakthrough test results from the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) pilot. Corrosion testing confirmed that with APBS-CDRMax®, it is possible to construct with less expensive materials such as carbon steel rather and a lower grade of stainless steel. 


Cost Reduction (up to)


First-of-its-kind: CCUS for the steel industry

We have designed and commissioned India’s first blast furnace carbon capture plant for Tata Steel in 2021. The modular skid mounted unit plant captures 5 tonne of COper day and is the first-of-its-kind in the global steel industry. The captured  CO2  is reused on site and there are plans for larger carbon capture plants in the future.

49 facilities across the globe

Minimising climate change and achieving carbon net zero is of global importance — and we understand the key challenges from an industrial perspective. We enable hard-to-abate industries — including steel, cement, refineries and energy from waste (EfW) — to navigate these new climate imperatives with technology that reduces cost, space, and execution time, with minimal on-site disruption.

RNG upgrading / biogas

CO2 capture

CO2 industrial capture & utilisation (CCU)

Thought leadership

Our experts and partners represent a global wealth of knowledge that is raising the bar on industrial carbon capture solutions.

Achieving Net Zero in the Industrial Sector

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