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Company's solvents surpasses 500K m3/day of biogas upgrading

22 June 2018

Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL), a global leader in low-cost carbon dioxide (CO₂) separation technology, has announced that it has for the first time surpassed 500,000 m3 of biogas processed per day with its Methpure solvent across Germany. This is the daily equivalent of powering 9,817 cars from Berlin to Munich (580 km) on biomethane fuel.

This is a huge milestone for the company, which entered the biogas upgrading market in 2015 with its technology operational at just two plants. Since then, the company has grown its footprint and its Methpure solvent is now being used in 26 biogas upgrading plants across Germany. Methpure is now one of the most widely-used solvents in the EU for biogas upgrading plants to run their chemical scrubbers more efficiently.


CCSL’s drop-in solvent technology – ‘Methpure’ – enables CO₂ and other impurities to be removed from biogas through chemical scrubbing in a cheaper, more efficient way compared to other existing technologies. It is less reactive to oxygen and other contaminants, increasing solvent life and reducing corrosion. It also allows for a 30% reduction in energy consumption and pumping requirements over its lifetime when compared to the traditional solvent, MDEA. This results in reduced downtime and can also help biomethane producers to increase their operating capacity by as much as 25%, without any additional capital investment. By using CCSL’s solvent, biomethane producers have found they can recover their initial cost investment in the solvent within three to six months.


Eberhart Wusterhaus Gomez, Director of Distribution at CCSL, said: “This is a considerable milestone for Carbon Clean Solutions having really entered the German biogas market two years ago. This achievement is testament to the strength of our technology, our ability to generate time and cost-effective solutions, working closely with service partners, and the continued recognition from our customer base in choosing our products.


Benjamin Goerges, Head of Technical Sales and Service at Arcanum, said: “Compared to the standard amine we use, CCSL’s technology has a lower specific heat demand and allows us to operate the plant in a much smoother way. While using Methpure our plants operate very smoothly, especially during hot summer periods we see less foaming and fluctuations in biomethane production.”


After reaching this milestone in Germany, CCSL hopes to continue its success by bringing its technology to new plants and hopes to grow its customer base. The company is also starting to offer breakthrough technology for industrial CO2 capture and utilisation from flue gases.

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