Introducing CycloneCC™: Effective, efficient carbon capture technology

15 December 2021

With its breakthrough combination of proven carbon capture technology, CycloneCC is changing the way industry captures carbon. Its smaller footprint and reduced cost sets it apart, shifting the economics of carbon capture and allowing heavy industry to start its decarbonisation journey now.

Ready to learn more about CycloneCC? Watch the video to hear David Bahr, Technology Manager at Carbon Clean, explain the key benefits of the technology.

Hello there, I'm David Bahr Carbon Clean’s CycloneCC product manager. If you're here, you must be interested in understanding more about our exciting and revolutionary technology – CycloneCC.

What is CycloneCC and how does it differ from conventional carbon capture and storage technology?

CycloneCC is a breakthrough combination of two process intensification technologies. We take our commercial amine promoted buffer salt solvent (APBS-CDRMax®) and combine that with rotating packed beds (or RPBs). The result is 10x smaller mass transfer equipment. 

This novel integration is destined to disrupt the carbon capture sector through three advancements:

  • First, cost: CycloneCC will reduce carbon capture costs by up to 50%
  • Second, CycloneCC technology is small. The overall footprint is up to 50% smaller than the conventional technologies while still matching the performance of traditional capture methods. This allows CycloneCC to be implemented at sites that could not normally consider conventional carbon capture technologies.
  • And third, the dramatic reduction in equipment size allows the entire technology to be shop fabricated. This modular approach is scalable to meet any application within all industrial sectors.

How does CycloneCC improve onsite installation?

The fully modular CycloneCC design has additional advantages when it comes to site installation. The pre-engineered, pre-tested, and standardised modules greatly reduce the construction time at the site. This significantly lowers the risks associated with typical site construction.

Which industries are set to benefit the most from this breakthrough combination of technologies?

CycloneCC is particularly well-suited for small to mid-size emission point sources and we’re already working with champion customers across cement, refining, steel and energy from waste sectors.

Because of the technology’s smaller footprint and scalability, it offers the potential for more industries to incorporate it into their operations, allowing the system to grow in line with a company’s decarbonisation strategy.

How does CycloneCC help heavy industry meet increasing government regulations?

As governments increasingly regulate carbon emissions, achieving compliance early is critical to business success. CycloneCC allows you to reduce costs associated with emissions and improve investor confidence.

As a scalable, cost-effective, and pre-fabricated modular solution, CycloneCC brings sophisticated carbon capture technology within reach for hard-to-abate sectors. This allows heavy industry to install the solution in less than eight weeks and progressively scale up to achieve your decarbonisation targets over time. 

How can someone learn more about CycloneCC and its impact on achieving net zero?

If you're ready to move into the future of carbon capture technology, download our CycloneCC eBook and talk to a Carbon Clean expert to learn more.

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