High-Efficiency Solvents to Capture Biogas CO2 Emissions

14 October 2021

Unlike other heavy emitters, the biogas industry is in a unique position when it comes to carbon capture. By efficiently using Carbon Clean's proprietary solvent technology, you can capture biogas CO2 emissions — and, ultimately, become carbon negative. 

How can the right solvents help your biogas plant? Watch Tom Yelland, R&D Engineer, to learn more.  

What challenges does the biogas industry face in the mission to be more efficient and create an impact on the energy sector?

The biogas industry offers an important strategic contribution in the fight against climate change with unexploited potential. The main challenge arises from the typically low production capacities, resulting in the impact sometimes seeming negligible when compared with other heavy emitters. The industry also faces pressure to adopt technologies that meet stricter regulations.

How can facilities in the biogas industry use solvents to reduce emissions and support net zero efforts?

The biogas industry can be considered a carbon-neutral industry. This means that CO2 produced when creating or utilising biogas was previously removed from the atmosphere earlier in the biogas formation process. Therefore, if the CO2 that is produced when creating biogas can be captured and processed, net negative CO2 emissions will be achieved. This will play a key role in future government-led carbon management rules and will aid the long term sustainability of the bioenergy sector.

How can Carbon Clean’s propriety solvents work for the biogas industry and what are the advantages when compared to other solvents?

Carbon Clean’s APBS-CARBex® solvent has already been widely implemented in the biogas upgrading sector, improving the methane content by removing CO2 and thus allowing the biogas to be accepted into the natural gas grid.

Our solvent has the ability to considerably reduce the heat and electrical demand in this process, even in brownfield plants, reducing operational costs and increasing the operational availability of such units. Our solvent is fully compatible with typical chemical absorption plants, allowing for a simple exchange with conventional solvents, such as MDEA.

What experience does Carbon Clean have in the biogas industry?

As I speak, our solvents are removing more than 900 tonnes of CO2 per day and have been tested and proven throughout more than 100,000 hours of operation.

Start capturing biogas CO2 emissions today

Are you ready to go carbon negative? The biogas industry has the opportunity to make great strides in the path to net zero. Let's start the journey today. Download the eBook, "The Key to Efficient Carbon Capture: High-Performance Solvents" to learn more.

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