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How CycloneCC is implemented in a refinery

7 September 2022

Our next generation technology, CycloneCC is changing the future of carbon capture for refineries.

It is a fully modular, pre-fabricated and skid-mounted carbon capture solution that reduces the overall cost of carbon capture by up to 50% and has a footprint that is up to 50% smaller than conventional carbon capture units. But is it the right solution for your refinery?

How CycloneCC is implemented in a refinery

View our latest video to learn how CycloneCC is implemented in a refinery and how our team of experts across the world can support.


How do you determine whether CycloneCC is the right solution for a particular refinery? 

CycloneCC is proven and tested – it’s fully modular reducing the overall cost of carbon capture by up to 50%. It also has a footprint that is up to 50% smaller than conventional carbon capture units.

It uses a breakthrough combination of two process intensification technologies: Carbon Clean’s advanced, proprietary amine-promoted buffer salt solvent (APBS-CDRMax®) and rotating packed beds (RPBs).

CycloneCC provides a high-performance, cost-effective carbon capture solution for refineries. Unlike conventional technology, it is designed to fit refineries’ operational and growth needs, enabling them to quickly start reducing their emissions and benefit from the potential to produce low-carbon and carbon-negative fuels.

What is the process of implementing the technology?

CycloneCC is built on a pre-fabricated skid mount and is delivered ready to install with the potential to be operational in less than eight weeks, thus avoiding a lengthy and complex design, build and engineering process. It’s set-up can be timed to occur within planned outages to accommodate your refineries’ schedule and prevent downtime. 

Additionally, as your refineries decarbonisation ambitions increase, CycloneCC can be scaled to expand capacity by installing additional standardised modular units. 

How does Carbon Clean support the refinery after implementation?

Carbon Clean's experts have over 230 years of combined experience in designing and operating CO2 capture systems all over the globe, with over 44 technology references using our solutions. With offices in the UK, Europe, US, Singapore and India, we’re always close by.

Learn more about our breakthrough carbon capture solution for refineries by downloading our latest eBook:

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