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Cost-effective carbon capture for biogas

Whether you’re looking to design a new system or want to use existing equipment, our commercially-proven solvents reduce costs and improve performance for biogas upgrading.

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Biogas industry challenges

CO2 must be removed from renewable gas (RNG) feeds — like biogas and landfill gas — to meet natural gas specifications. Carbon Clean’s CO2 separation technology significantly reduces the cost of upgrading biogas versus alternative technologies like generic amines, membranes, and PSAs. Our APBS-CARBex® solvent can also be used as a drop-in replacement to improve the performance of biogas upgrading plants using MEA or MDEA solvents without any equipment modifications.

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"Compared to the standard amine we use, Carbon Clean's technology has a lower specific heat demand and allows us to operate the plant in a much smoother way. While using APBS-CARBex our plants operate very smoothly, especially during hot summer periods we see less foaming and fluctuations in biomethane production."

Benjamin Goerges
Head of Technical Sales and Service, at Arcanum

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