CycloneCC™: Innovative carbon capture for refineries

6 January 2022

Regulations to mitigate climate change and achieve net zero ambitions are being implemented with increasing speed and refineries are among several key industries that are having to adapt to a new operating climate.

Our CycloneCC™ technology can help refineries reduce their emissions and achieve decarbonisation goals. Watch the video to hear Glen Bailey, Director of North America Sales at Carbon Clean, explain how CycloneCC™ can deliver decarbonisation for the industry.


How does CycloneCC™ help refineries meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations? 

Stricter regulations are being enforced quickly around the world. As a large contributor to carbon emissions, refineries face pressure to reduce their emissions and establish net zero strategies today. 

As a cost-effective, modular, and pre-fabricated solution, CycloneCC is ready to install upon delivery and can be operational in less than 8 weeks. With CycloneCC™ and our Carbon Capture as a Service model, refineries can start their decarbonisation journey today and progressively scale up to achieve their emission reduction targets over time.

What core challenges does CycloneCC™ help refineries solve? 

With remote locations and limited onsite space, footprint and cost of capture have previously been barriers for refineries to adopt CCUS technology.

CycloneCC™ helps solve these challenges as a safe, affordable, and modular solution. It’s a 100% modular and scalable system, with 10 times smaller footprint versus conventional options that’s bringing the cost of capture down to $30/tonne. 

How long would it take for a refinery facility to implement CycloneCC™ technology? 

CycloneCC™ is built on a pre-fabricated skid mount, arriving onsite ready to install and enabling relatively simple installation. This significantly reduces outage time and the safety profile of carbon capture projects. When fully commercialised, refineries will be able to install this containerised solution in less than 8 weeks.

Will CycloneCC™ unlock any additional service offers from Carbon Clean? 

Yes, CycloneCC™ will enable additional services from Carbon Clean. Heavy industry and CCUS innovators must work together to mitigate climate change. We launched an innovative business model with that in mind — an alignment of service, partnerships and CycloneCC™.

We offer Carbon Capture as a Service (CCaaS) for the duration of the contract where we oversee installation, as well as all aftermarket products and services. We handle solvents, maintenance, parts, and assist with regulations and compliance, becoming your strategic partner and ensuring the most successful deployment of CCUS possible.

Are you ready to reduce your refinery's carbon emissions and make real progress toward net zero goals? CycloneCC™ can help. Download our eBook, 'CycloneCC™: Introducing the world's smallest industrial carbon capture technology', to learn more about the technology and the impact it can have on hard-to-abate industries.

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