Technology to Achieve 'Net Zero'

Low Cost Carbon Capture
for Industry

Across the world, hard to abate industries are looking to reduce their carbon emissions. Carbon Clean's technology directly addresses the challenges these businesses face every day.


Industries Served



With more than 4 billion tonnes of cement produced globally each year, the industry generates approximately 8% of all global CO2 emissions. But the process is one of the easiest to facilitate carbon capture.

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Processing by refineries contributes around 5 to 10% of the total emissions resulting from oil products. The opportunities for reducing these are significant due to the nature of the processes used.

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The highly complex process of steel-making provides multiple opportunities for carbon capture, including using CCUS on the blast furnace to capture and store the majority of CO2 emissions.

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Energy from Waste

By utilising CCUS at EfW plants, municipal authorities can decarbonise the entire waste chain and achieve a huge reduction in the carbon footprint of individuals in cities. The latest technology even offers the potential to achieve negative emissions.



CO2 and other impurities must be removed from renewable gas (RNG) feeds — like biogas and landfill gas — to meet natural gas specifications. Our proprietary solvent is a simple drop-in enhancement for current solvents, delivering better performance for CO2 removal.

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Achieving Net Zero in the Industrial Sector

Carbon Clean's technology is helping industry decarbonise, moving toward net zero carbon emissions and allowing businesses to take part in a global circular carbon economy. Businesses in heavy industry can leverage our expertise and the benefits of carbon capture, storage and utilisation to make an impact on the world we live in.


The Goal of Net Zero

CO2 emissions are actively contributing to the warming of our world — and it's time for a change. In order to reach goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, we must make the shift to net zero, using carbon removal to offset any human emissions and reaching a net output of zero.


Capturing of CO2

Carbon capture, storage and utilisation (CCUS) technology allows businesses in heavy industry to capture carbon from their waste gases before it enters the atmosphere, reducing emissions and paving the way toward net zero.


Tried & Tested Technology

Carbon Clean's technology is helping industry work toward a cleaner, brighter future. Our modular systems and proprietary solvents are used in over 38 facilities around the world, helping to reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere.


ROI of Doing the Right Thing

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer optional. Reaching net zero is critical for our planet — but it's also good for your plant. By capturing and reselling CO2, you'll take part in a global circular carbon economy and create additional revenue sources for your business.

Success Stories


Purpose-Built: Technology for Industry

In 2016, Tuticorin Alkali Chemical and Fertilizers Ltd. partnered with Carbon Clean to create the world’s first fully commercial carbon capture, storage and utilisation plant. Located near Chennai, it has been achieving over 90% carbon capture rates since it began operation.


Carbon Capture Rate

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