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Steel manufacturers can significantly reduce CO2 emissions with carbon capture—while maintaining process efficiency and minimising costs.

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Steel industry challenges

The steel industry is one of the largest industrial sources of CO2 emissions, and production continues to grow. As the world moves to achieve net zero targets, decarbonising steel production will remain a key area to be addressed.

Many facilities have limited options for reducing emissions through improved energy efficiency and a reduction in coal consumption. To achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, the implementation of carbon capture and storage technology is required.

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Client testimonial

"We are happy to have been able to further advance carbon capture technology innovation through Carbon Clean’s industrial scale test at our advanced facility at Mongstad, and we wish them the best of luck in the market for capture technology."

Roy Vardheim, M
Managing Director, TCM

First-of-its-kind: We have designed and commissioned India’s first blast furnace carbon capture plant for Tata Steel in 2021. The modular skid mounted unit plant captures 5 tonne of CO2 per day and is the first-of-its-kind in the global steel industry. The captured CO2 is reused on site and there are plans for larger carbon capture plants in the future.

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Energy from Waste

By utilising CCUS at EfW plants, municipal authorities can decarbonise the entire waste chain, and achieve a huge reduction in the carbon footprint of individuals in cities.

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