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Decarbonising the energy from waste industry

Carbon capture provides a pathway to an integrated process maximising CO2 capture and minimising energy impact.

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Energy from Waste industry challenges

The Energy from Waste (EfW) industry helps make urban living sustainable by transforming growing waste generation to power generation. However, the process results in net CO2 emissions that are harmful to our planet. With carbon capture and storage at EfW plants, municipalities can move towards negative carbon emissions whilst simultaneously handling waste and producing power.

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"We are happy to have been able to further advance carbon capture technology innovation through Carbon Clean’s industrial scale test at our advanced facility at Mongstad, and we wish them the best of luck in the market for capture technology."

Roy Vardheim, M
Managing Director, TCM

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CO2 and other impurities must be removed from renewable natural gas (RNG) feeds – like biomethane and landfill gas — to meet purity specifications. Our proprietary solvent is a simple drop-in enhancement for current solvents, delivering better performance for CO2 removal.

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